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Keep Groovin’

Le Challenge
Sennheiser, one the world’s leading providers of quality sound products, entered the Indian market before audio headphones were ever marketed as an individual product. Sennheiser asked Genesis Burson-Marsteller to help drive sales of its audio headphones in a new and quickly evolving market and solve the added challenge of garnering acceptance of headphones as a stand-alone category and worthwhile investment.

To establish itself as the preeminent source of superior sound products, Sennheiser went beyond the standard consumer segment and included music professionals and artists among its key audiences. Genesis Burson-Marsteller’s main objective was to highlight both the consumer and professional elements of Sennheiser’s products. The campaign was designed to create stories and news around the brand and its products, while also building long-term influencer relationships that would eventually drive technology adoption in India.

The team created relevance and affinity for Sennheiser products by establishing strong relationships with key influencers in the media and the music industry. The team strategically developed editorial associations with publications and top technology journalists and endorsements from stalwarts from the music industry to gain credibility for the product. Genesis Burson-Marsteller also worked to build up the Sennheiser family in India, through associations with the Indian music industry to create brand endorsers for the company and all its products. The Sennheiser headphone experience was showcased through a variety of music and technology events, positioning the product as a style accessory and a perfect gift. The team also helped build credibility through tactical product launches in the Indian marketplace and an online contest with India’s number one technology portal,

The ‘Keep Groovin’ campaign delivered a unique and innovative approach that leveraged product advocates, created unique experiences, developed associations with like-minded brands, and reached out to a diverse group of stakeholders who experienced first-hand the quality of Sennheiser products. Genesis Burson-Marsteller was successful in helping the Sennheiser brand make its mark in India—its headphone sales doubled following the campaign, and Sennheiser headphones received top rankings from four publications.