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Beauty Meets Facebook

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Avon, the world’s number one direct seller of beauty products, was struggling as it tried to grow its brand in India. Known almost exclusively for its line of women’s makeup, Avon needed to expand its image by showcasing its wide range of products for women and men, as well as its jewelry collection. While Avon India had existing accounts in the social media space, it needed help developing its digital presence and influence.

Genesis Burson-Marsteller’s approach was to elevate Avon’s visibility by creating unique opportunities for people to engage directly with the brand. The team identified Facebook as the best channel through which Avon could engage with audiences and promote its product lines. The campaign was designed to make a strong first impression and raise awareness among its primary target audience of women 18 to 34, as well as reach men 18 to 34, to promote its growing line of men’s products.

Scheduled to coincide with Avon’s product release calendar, five separate and unique Facebook campaigns were launched over the course of nine months. The team created one unique app that was then used across four of the five campaigns, which created the framework for contests that required fans to like a page before participating in the contests. The team posted multiple times per day and asked fans to submit photographs as part of the contest requirements, knowing this would drive sharing and repeat visits to the page. Interactive posts ensured that users were able to respond with comments and answers, share personal views, and enjoy beauty, skin care and health tips. Eventually, the Facebook page evolved into a discussion forum about the brand as well as individual products and their uses.

The “Beauty Meets Facebook” campaign launched Avon to the top of the list of India’s brand pages, and it remained among the top 10 brand pages for four consecutive months following the campaign. Avon’s Facebook community grew by more than 2500%, from a fan base of just over 6,000 to one exceeding 170,000 and growing.