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adidas Crazy Light 2 Crazy Balloon Attack


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For the launch of its newest basketball sneaker in China, adidas wanted to generate substantial buzz about its adizero Crazy Light 2 shoes, the lightest basketball sneakers on the planet. So, adidas engaged Burson-Marsteller as its PR partner for a media event showcasing the insane lightweight capabilities of the Crazy Light 2 models.

adidas wanted to demonstrate the incredible lightness of the Crazy Light 2 sneakers in a dynamic, original and exciting way that would engage the youth and tap into their inner passion and energy. To demonstrate the product’s extreme lightness at the media event, Burson and adidas decided to attach models of the adizero Crazy Light 2 shoes to balloons and launch them into the sky after formally introducing the shoe to consumers. In the weeks leading up to the launch event, the team developed strategic relationships with key opinion leaders and influential media to build excitement around the event among the Chinese basketball community.

To gain maximum exposure in traditional media prior to the event, Burson persistently seeded in-depth feature stories of the Crazy Light 2 shoes, including reviews and previews. The team also developed a customized, digital invitation that was widely distributed via social media platforms to reach the targeted youth audience and raise awareness of the launch event.

The launch event took place at the China University of Geoscience’s basketball court and included members of the media, university students, key opinion leaders, and several Chinese Basketball Association stars. The event also included adidas basketball ambassadors (and China’s national players) Meng Duo and Zhang Qingpeng. First, a handful of chosen media representatives participated in a five-on-five basketball competition followed by a balancing game where participants were able to weigh items in their pocket against the new Crazy Light 2 sneakers. The event ended with a momentous balloon releasing ceremony, where 44 sneakers were launched into the sky attached to balloons fitted with GPS tracking devices that consumers could track online. Lucky consumers who managed to find the shoes later could redeem them for a brand new pair at the adidas Beijing SanLitun Brand Center.

In 24 hours, the event and product launch generated more than 65 media impressions and more than 104 Sina Weibo (China’s Twitter) posts on the event from 50 media representatives and the China Basketball Association players. National broadcast media covered the event with 11 minutes of airtime on national and local news shows, while print clippings included eight feature articles about the launch event and campaign. This campaign also received the 2012 Asia Pacific SABRE Awards Silver SABRE for Experiential, Publicity Stunt.