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113 Years Young – Rebranding AG&P


Le Challenge
A Filipino brand steeped in heritage and tradition, the Atlantic Gulf & Pacific Co. (AG&P) has operated in the Philippines for more than 100 years and is synonymous with the country’s construction industry. It built the first steel bridge in the Philippines and Manila’s water and sewage systems. In 2012, AG&P faced a challenge as a result of its recent and significant global growth led by its new owner and management team. The company’s brand assets and messaging were not aligned with its new direction. This resulted in a disconnect between the perception of the company and the reality of its recent international growth. Burson-Marsteller stepped in to help the company develop new positioning that better aligned with its current mission. In order to succeed, this messaging effort needed to garner the support of the company’s more than 3,000 employees. This would be a unique challenge as the majority of the firm’s employees are based in remote areas of the world and have limited access to electronic communications, while many only speak Tagalog – the national Filipino language.

The team decided to develop a messaging strategy focused on the modernization of the company. Changes to the company’s brand assets and all communication reinforced AG&P’s more than 110-year heritage – a source of immense employee pride – as a major contributing factor to the company’s current and future success. The new logo is reminiscent of the company’s prior branding but also reinforced AG&P’s evolved approach to construction. The team created a messaging architecture to inform the development of new assets (logos, website design, uniforms, yard signage) and ensured consistent messaging across channels.

The team planned communication across multiple channels to ensure every employee would have an opportunity to learn about the new positioning and get involved with the new direction – helping them to feel empowered and reinforcing that their opinions are valued. To launch the brand repositioning, Burson-Marsteller developed and implemented a campaign that elicited engagement and enthusiasm from more than 350 employees via the company’s first ever employee survey, achieved perfect attendance at manager-led, face-to-face briefings and involved 1,500 employees in the brand launch event.

The brand repositioning campaign focused on honoring the company’s heritage in addition to reflecting its new direction. As a result of the comprehensive employee communication program, the new branding received 100% positive feedback from AG&P’s globally dispersed employees. Not only did Burson-Marsteller’s campaign encourage staff retention, but AG&P’s workforce has more than doubled from 3,000 to 7,300 since the brand rollout.